Value Proposition


Fully Committed Financing Solutions

We deliver fully committed investment solutions primarily to private companies with enterprise values ranging from €50 million to €500 million. We have the ability to hold sizeable investment positions.

Flexible, Long Term Capital

We invest across the spectrum of the capital structure and have the ability to structure transactions outside of market conventions, including one-stop solutions. We identify intrinsic value through fundamental analysis, which enables us to provide flexible solutions to capital-constrained companies with complex business models and cash flow profiles. Our dedicated capital enables us to provide long-term solutions that have the ability to grow with our clients' needs.

Speed and Certainty of Execution

We are a flat organization with a streamlined investment approval process, enabling us to quickly deploy capital and respond to our clients' needs. We offer transparency to our clients in all aspects of the investment process.

Alignment of Interests

We partner and align our interests with our clients and financial partners. We offer our portfolio companies financial and operational resources through the expertise of our seasoned investment professionals and the broader TPG platform.

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